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What is OZO?

Presented early 2016, Nokia surprised the world with its professional and production company-oriented camera thanks to an unparalleled image, sound, and live-stream quality.

SoWhen? and OZO

In June 2016, SoWhen? becomes the first French studio to join the OZO Pioneer program launched by Nokia Technologies.

This makes our studio an official point of contact of this technology as creator and user of the camera. This way, we are constantly in contact with Nokia giving them feedbacks and recommendations on the concrete use of the camera.

SoWhen? believes that today, no alternative is as qualitative and complete as the OZO.

Here are some of the reasons:

Why OZO ?

The control

It is essential to monitor what would be captured when shooting in 360°.

The director will be able to control the viewpoint and positioning of different elements of the scene using real-time control.
Not to mention, the stitching phase can be optimized thanks to border configuration.

The 3D

The OZO is one of the world’s only cameras that produces effortlessly natural relief contents (Stereoscopy) thanks to its various lenses positioning.

Immersion is even more impressive when viewed in a virtual reality headset, since the standpoint gives the apprehension of volumes.

Spatial audio

8 built-in microphones allow the OZO to capture full 360° spatial sound.
A real sound immersion is then added to the visual experience, where each sound has a source and a quite different pitch.

Live streaming

Another exclusive feature of this camera is its ability to live-stream 360 ° via the internet.
For example, you get to see live concerts or events from a very far distance.
Our studio is fully equipped to provide live broadcasts on most platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Peroscope.
Our programmers can also create dedicated 360° streaming apps or Websites. This solution might be more appropriate in case of a private broadcast.

VR Post-production

Today, video and post-production go hand-in-hand especially in 360 °.

SoWhen? allows you to carry out all tasks needed for a 360° quality production as well as innovative tasks like mixed reality thanks to our highly experienced team and software suppliers such as Foundry

Our OZO offers: SoEASY, SoFAST, and SoLIVE

NOTE: SoWhen? is NOT a rental company!

We offer fully bespoke services on our camera.
This way, even if you have never tried 360° capture, you benefit from our experiences, expertise, and guidance.

We have also created 3 packaged offers; SoEasy, SoFast, and SoLive, which will allow you to design and schedule 360° shootings.

Nous avons aussi créé 3 offres packagées, SoEasySoFast et SoLive, qui vous permettront rapidement de concevoir et programmer des tournages 360°.


The simplicity of a 360° shooting

1 OZO + camera with stand

1 OZO + control software and hardware with VR headset

1 OZO + Operator

1 hard drive supply with RAW files

SoEASY is the simplest and most flexible way to capture in 360°.
We provide you with our fully equipped technician for capturing and monitoring. Practical for small projects, simply think about the production.

We deliver camera RAW files to you once shooting complete.


2650 €*

*Degressive from the 2nd day/ excluding call-out charges


Ready, film, screen !

1 OZO + camera with stand

1 SoFAST OZO + control software and hardware (station, video feedback, recorder)

1 SSD hard drive 1 To

1 OZO + Operator

1 Stitch and Post-production operator

SoFAST allows you to get your images stitched and ready for broadcast the day of the shooting!

Although access to equipment has clearly become within reach of all these past months, many find the technical complexity of the format challenging. This is why SoWhen? offers you the opportunity to benefit from a full equipment/technician package allowing you to get your files processed and prepared for broadcast.
With SoFAST, find the right mix to achieve your projects:


4200 € *

* Degressive from the 2nd day/ excluding call-out charges


Showcase your events

1 OZO + camera with stand

1 OZO Live server

1 OZO + control software and hardware (station, video feedback, recorder)

1 OZO + Operator

1 live Operator

Web-based distribution platforms YouTube 360° and Facebook Live

With SoLive, live stream your event in 360° on online video platforms.

Whether concerts, general assembly, conferences, seminars, entertainment or fiction; get the best equipment and expertise for a live streaming via internet.

This turnkey solution will cover most of your needs and conditions for capture.


5000 €*

* Degressive from the 2nd day/ excluding call-out charges

They’ve already chosen our OZO offer !

  • ORANGE for the TOUR de FRANCE 2016
  • AURE
  • AKALE WUBE ( LIVE 360°)