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A brief presentation of lifeline

Imagine yourself walking the line of life from A:  birth, towards B: death. From you to B; life; from A to you; the past. This demonstration is in theory right, but in practice, it causes emotional fluctuations on your steps towards B. Lifeline tells the story of this motionless moment during which you fall in love. There is no past, no present, and no future but only one unique sphere out of space and time in which emotions, memories, and desires are merged.

The concept of Lifeline

Lifeline is a 360° short film produced by Victor Michelot, and coproduced by Dissidence production and SoWhen?. This fiction fully exploits the support 360°, as the project was designed to immerse the viewer in a space where different parts of the story are scattered around him.
SoWhen? has assisted this project and its technical staff by providing professional devices and expertise.

In December 2016, Lifeline wins the first award for best 360° fiction at Paris Court Devant festival.

Go behind the scenes

Check out our partner’s website Dissidence Productions