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Strategic consulting 

This is a matter of helping you bring your resources into perspective with expected return, whether it is sales growth or notoriety. Each medium has then its own role in forming part of your overall strategy.


Since words have meaning, a message cannot necessarily be verbalized, and each channel has its own codes, we therefore have specialized designers/writers for every business activity sector.


Many creative expressions driven by their own codes (Motion Design, UX design, Sound Design, 3D, illustration, etc.). This is why we chose to incorporate main businesses of image creation in our core activities.


SoWhen? has become a Nokia OZO Pioneer since 2016 and offers 360° programs specially designed for this format.

A successful challenge, as we won an award for best 360° short film at the international festival “Paris Court Devant 2016” for co-producing the film ” LifeLine “.

IT Development

One must get familiar with the machine to take full advantage of the digital.

To achieve this, SoWhen? Integrates programming skills in most of software tools which the company uses.
It allows our studio to always offer our clients more innovative and advanced solutions.


Mindful of the constant technological changes, we have created a LAB in 2012 dedicated to Research & Development and monitoring.
Based in Tunis within the Engineering School SESAME, this way we benefit from the skill level, modern technology infrastructure, and access to English, Canadian, French, and Tunisian researchers.